Blue’s 1956 Bug

Blue found his 1956 Bug body planted in a field. Blue picked it up for $ 300 and brought it to Peninsula Automotive where it remained until recently. Blue bought an IRS pan and welded in a link pinhead to mount the link pin beam. Next, he mounted the front air bags and completed the installation of the rear air bag kit. He flattened the floor pans so the car could sit all the way down on the ground before beginning the right hand conversion. The semaphore posts are in using brand new 12v semaphores. Next, the ragtop and the wiring for the air bags, followed with the installation of a Cool Drag Link Steering to control bump steer.

Featured at the 10th Annual VW Jam Car Show it gained much love and attention from the crowd who showed off their artistic abilities. Great Fun!

The engine includes these parts, all of which are available at Peninsula Automotive.

Fuel Injection Beetle Case, EMPI 4140 Chromoly Counter Weighted 8 Dowel Crankshaft, Stock Cam, Mahle 85.5 Piston &Cylinders, New Stock Heads, Berg Equalizer Crank Pulley with Broach Style Bolt, CC’d & Balanced, EMPI EPC 34 Dual Carburetors with Cable Operation, 009 Distributor with Billet Clamp, Compu-Fire DIS-9 Distributorless ignition, Stock Muffler, CB Performance Exhaust Barrel Nuts for Case Half Hardware, EMPI Breather Kit, Flipped 12v Generator with Broach Style Pulley Nut, Snake Eyes Safety Hardware for All Sheet Metal Hardware. Recently the 1956 moved to northern California.