Jo fell in love with her 1970 VW Bug back in high school. She drove it all through high school and through four years of college. When Jo and George got married, the Bug became the family car and it took the two of them to far away places. They traveled the West Coast, through the snow into Washington and Canada, as far south as Mexico, and north into Alaska. The little beige Bug even took Jo and George to places jeeps don’t go. Total they recorded over 600,000 miles on the original engine before Peninsula Automotive rebuilt the motor.

Then in July 2012, Jo and George decided to restore the faithful VW Bug’s beauty so they brought it to Peninsula Automotive for restoration. Peninsula stripped the car to get it ready for body and paint work. Once completed off to upholstery for a new headliner, carpet installation, new seat covers. Now the car is ready to reassemble. Approximately eight weeks later the like- new VW Bug returned home where it is sure to offer many more years of driving adventures.