March 2012 – As the license plate says, this is my 85-year-old dad’s VW. This is the only used car he ever went looking for back in the early ‘80s. Many family members have driven it over the years, but the car always remained in my dad’s name. The car sat in a barn for about 20 years until 2009 when my dad asked me to get the car running again so the family could once again enjoy the experience of driving it. When no one seemed interested in driving it, he asked me to sell it. Instead, I spent the past two years fixing it up with lots of help from Peninsula Automotive. I couldn’t have done it without them! My goal has been to return everything back to stock and install as many German parts as possible in order to make it right. My dad has owned many VWs, starting with a 1955 Beetle (he liked the semaphore turn signals) that he purchased new off the showroom floor. I remember growing up always having two Volkswagens in the family. My intention is to keep this 1973 Super Beetle convertible in his honor for at least another 30 years!