12 Volt Conversion

Some reasons to convert from a 6-volt to a 12-volt system:

  • brighter lighting
  • improved starting
  • modern sound system capability

List of parts needed:

  • 12-volt alternator with an internal regulator or a 12-volt generator and matching regulator
  • A 12-volt alternator requires a later style fuel pump and push rod
  • A 3 piece fan shroud kit
  • An alternator or generator stand may be required

If the carburetor’s accelerator pump linkage interferes with the alternator, it is best to flip the linkage upside down while updating to a 34 PICT-3 carburetor. You may also grind out a small piece of the alternator casting or consider installing a carburetor adapter to raise a 28 or 30/31 PICT carburetor.

  • 12-volt coil
  • 12-volt turn signal flasher relay
  • 12-vot choke element
  • 12-volt headlight relay
  • 12-volt idle cut-off solenoid for the carburetor
  • 12-volt bulbs for both exterior and interior
  • 12-volt wiper motor or 12-volt armature with the 6-volt motor or use a voltage reducing kit
  • 12-volt radio or use a voltage reducing kit
  • 12-volt horn, optional
  • 12-volt starter, optional

If you keep the original 1200-1300cc engine, you may continue to use the 6-volt starter. Avoid cranking for more than five-ten seconds to prolong the life of both the 6-volt starter and the teeth of the flywheel.

  • 12-volt flywheel, optional

If you use a 12-volt starter, use a 12-volt flywheel and Dremmel out the bell housing to fit the larger flywheel. Be sure to reset the endplay to 3-5 thousandths. Grinding the o-ring surface may be required to fit the 6-volt crankshaft.


If you use a 12-volt flywheel, use a 6-12-volt starter bushing. Simply insert the correct size tap into the bushing and tap until the old bushing comes out. Slightly grease the new bushing and tap into place with a large brass or copper punch and a small hammer. You may also consider using a starter from an auto stick. An auto stick starter is self-supporting and does not use a bushing in the bell housing. These starters bolt right in and are more powerful.

  • Clutch and pressure plate

Use 1967-1970 clutch parts. A 1971 and later pressure plate does not match up to an early throw out bearing.

  • 12-volt generator pulley
  • 10×900 or 10×913 generator belt
  • Ground strap
  • 12-volt battery