Great service. Knowledgeable staff and thoughtful, appropriate recommendations. I’ve enjoyed being a repair customer for years and always recommend Peninsula Automotive.Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Greg for your continued support and your kind words. We look forward to being here for all your future car care needs. Sharon and Dave

Highly recommended. A+ service
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Jim, We value your comments and are please we could be here to help you with your car care needs. Sharon and Dave

I thoroughly trust their service. I have been going to them for service on my ’79 Beetle for years and admire their knowledge and honesty. They have become friends over the years. Thank you Dave, Dan, and Mike and the rest of the gang there,Marylyn
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Marilyn, we are please to be of service now and in the future. Sharon and Dave

Friendly, knowledgeable, true to their word, competent, etc. etc. — all good!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Hans, your comments are greatly appreciated. Sharon and Dave

Could not have been more pleased / OUTSTANDING SERVICE!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Dennis, Your support and kind words are greatly appreciated.

They do an awesome job. Always a good experience.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Paul, for your support. We are please to provide you with service now and in the future. Sharon


I was referred to Peninsula Automotive from a shop that works on my 60 Porsche because a few parts are used on the Type 2 are interchangeable. Dave and Dan were most helpful locating a shift coupling that had failed after 50 years and was no longer available through normal suppliers.When my 2008 Passat TDI needed brake service I decided to say “Thanks for your help” by having this shop replace the front brake rotors and pads as well as flushing the brake fluid. The work was done before it was promised but actually billed out less than I was quoted. Excellent service as well as helpful advice.I’ll be back and will refer my VW friends to this shop.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Ed for your kind words and recommendations. We are please of service to you now and in the future. Dave and Sharon

Outstanding service and expert knowledge on quality partsPeninsula automotive has been providing us with parts for many years.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Kevin, for your many years of support. Dave and Sharon

very pleased with everything. my car is running great and I am very satisfied. everyone is so friendly and helpful and of course very convenient location. thank you sandy
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Sandy, We are glad to be of service to you now and with all your future car care needs. Dave and Sharon

They did a very thorough job on my buggy and making sure it was safe to drive. It had been sitting for several years and needed a once going over to get in running condition.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Glad to be of service to you Chuck. Keep us in mind for all your future car care needs. Thank you Dave and Sharon

This was the best repair because I was in and out with I think a great service, old car runs perfect! Nice job !!!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Ted, We are glad we could help you with your repairs and look forward to being there for your future car care needs. Sharon and Dave

How likely are you to recommend Peninsula Automotive to a friend or colleague? Very much if they have a VW, or a Porsche!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Glad to be of service to you Dennis. We appreciate your business.

Peninsula does quality work. Dave is the only one I trust do take care of my Westy.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Dave, Glad to be of service to you and your Westy

Great service. Knowledgeable staff and thoughtful, appropriate recommendations. I’ve enjoyed being a repair customer for years and always recommend Peninsula Automotive.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Greg for your continued support and your kind words. We look forward to being here for all your future car care needs. Sharon and Dave

Happy with your knowledge and clear communication.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Brooke, Lets us know how we can help you with all your future car care needs. Sharon and Dave

I had a very good experience with Peninsula Automotive. Dan and Dave replaced the old, inoperative rear hatch struts on my 1987 VW Vanagon and they also took care of a engine heating problem (low coolant). Dan also did a a thorough assessment of my maintenance needs in the near future, including the fact that my tires (probably originals) need to be replaced.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Jerome, We look forward to being there for all your future car care needs. Sharon and Dave

A month after having an oil change on an old VW bus at PA, I started to have a good oil leak from the valve cover gasket on one side (which can be a chronic problem). PA took me in as soon as I had time. I waited in the shop for a reasonably short time while they fixed the problem at no charge.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Happy to be of service Robert. Let us know how we can assist you with your future car care needs.Dave and Sharon

No review is truly and really not necessary, as Peninsula Automotive is all about ‘SERVICE’ to VW’s, and Audi’s! Don’t believe me, go there once, and find out for yourself!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Dennis, we appreciate your business and kind words.Dave and Sharon

Great guys doing great work on great cars. Worth the extra expense to get quality care for your vintage VW like mine.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Geoffrey, looking forward to being there for all your future car care needs.Sharon and Dave

Will always take my 1979 V W Convertible here! Diane
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Diane. We look forward to being here for all your future car care needs. Dave and Sharon

I have always had good experiences at this Peninsula Automotive. They have always repaired my Beetle (2) in a correct timely way.Never had a problem with any of there work. Last repair was kind of major but not a simple one…done in 1 day!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Glad to be of service to you Woody. We appreciate your business.Dave and Sharon

Great service
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Alfredo.Dave and Sharon

Always top notch service at this shop. I have never had an issue here.

Very knowledgeable guys. Very helpful. Great to work with
Peninsula Automotive replied:We appreciate your comments. Looking forward to being of service to you in the future.Dave and Sharon

Very friendly folks, they know what they are doing. Have been going to Peninsula for several years now and have had various services performed on my older, water-cooled vehicles.My only “criticism” is that it’d be nice if the shop opened up a bit earlier!
Peninsula Automotive replied:We appreciate the many years of doing business with you. Although we do not open before 8:30 am we do offer Early Bird Drop Off. Give us a call for details if that will help. Thanks Again Dave and Sharon

I have used Peninsula Automotive (PA) for many years and have always found their service exceptional.On this last visit I asked them to do a particularly tedious job and Dave talked to me three times about the steps he should take to arrive at the needed result which repaired a door latch that had not been working for a long time. I really appreciate their knowledge of my very old VW bus and the time they take to communicate with me concerning what needs to be done and what it will cost. Thanks so much

Always great reliable service

Overall, I was happy with the work that was done. In my opinion, the service tech was less than enthusiastic when it came to the needs of my vehicle. Cant really explain it, just seemed less than enthusiastic about his job. Peninsula did what was needed and the overall results were good.

Peninsula knows vw-dubs. they get any repair done quickly and accurately, peninsula is a business of high integrity and ethics . I would not hesitate to give my immediate recommendation to peninsula . sincerely, dick clouss
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you for the great review. Let us know if we can be of help in the future.Dave and Sharon

Great at troubleshooting. Have used Peninsula for maintaining my Jetta for many years.

Real live VW peeps!

To Dave and Dan and the Staff- You want great VW Service this is the place to go! Very Patient,Helpful and Friendly to assist you in your time of Need to get your car repaired!
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thanks again Sam for your comments. They are very appreciated.Dave and Sharon

The people there are real matter-of-fact…and nice too. They’re not trying to push “extra” stuff you don’t need. Repairs are timely and right where quotes were made. I own a 1969 Bus and have been going there for years, I can’t even remember how many decades. Yes. Decades! I even had my entire engine replaced when my last one blew the case and could not be repaired. It was ready in just a few days. And it now purrs like a kitty.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Glad to be of service to you Gustavo. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.Dave and Sharon

I have a 1990 Westy and would not have considered purchasing it without Peninsula Automotive nearby. They have expertise in older VWs and provide great service. So far there’s not an issue they haven’t been able to resolve.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you James for your comments. We are happy that we were able to help you during your purchase.Dave and Sharon

Very knowledgeable and fair. Good at troubleshooting.

Best vw repair shop!! Knowledgeable
Peninsula Automotive replied:We appreciate hearing from you.Dave and Sharon

Very dependable and knowledgeable folks at Peninsula Automotive. I used to take my VW GTI for them for several years before I decided to sell it. You can rest assured that your VW will be well looked after here. I did minor and major services both. They do honor competitor coupons. They also give you a ride back to your workplace if it is close by.The only gripe I have is that they are a little pricey for the major services.

Always good reliable work
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Cindy. Dave and Sharon

The work appears to be of high quality, and the guys really know their stuff.Minus one star for the work taking longer than expected and communication around that being a little lacking. But you can’t rush perfection!
Peninsula Automotive replied:We are happy that you appreciate our efforts. We will work on the communication aspect. Thanks for the feedback.Dave and Sharon

Everyone in there is very nice and helpful they did great work and are very fair
Peninsula Automotive replied:Thank you Dana for your kind words.Dave and Sharon

All the staff have been friendly, courteous and very helpful with my restoration of my 77 bus. They kept me informed of progress on my bus and was always ready to answer my questions because I had many of them.I appreciate their efforts!
Peninsula Automotive replied:It is nice of you to take the time to let us know you are happy with our work. We appreciate the feedback very much.Thank you Dave and Sharon

Another great job by Dan and the gang. Heading up to the mountains tomorrow with my 98 Eurovan with full confidence that it will come back again. Thanks guys.
Peninsula Automotive replied:Hope you had an awesome time on your trip! Thank you very much for your words, they are appreciated by all of us.Dave and Sharon

Amazing company. Fast and know what they are doing, which saves a lot of $

Great service, knowledgeable

The service personnel are friendly, witty and knowledgeable in their field. They are helpful in suggesting additional work for something that they hadn’t seen when you brought your car in to beworked on, but in servicing it they discovered some problems. which need to be corrected. Theirwork is always top notch.

These guys are super nice and knowledgeable about parts and service. Many parts are on hand or they know a source.

Very good troubleshooting and repair service skills.

I have taken my 1967 912 Porsche to Peninsula Motors for several years and have enjoyedthe working people there, always courteous, very friendly, and knowledgeable in VW, Porsche,and Audi workings. I do like the fact that most of them are of an older group, not some young people that sometimes think they understand more than they do. I’m probably skeptical sinceI’m 82 years old and enjoy their lookout on life.

Brought my Jetta in for a general check up. Dave was very helpful and courteous. They did a very thorough checkup and included everything that needed to be done. I opted to do one thing at a time, which was shifter bushings. They replaced them but said car was still having issues shifting into 2nd and 4th. I took the car understanding it was old and could be the car. Drove car home, didn’t make it 5 miles before linkage snapped. Had to spend $100 out of pocket to have car towed track, but they fixed the part for free. All in all, decent service, but wish problem had been fixed before I took care home the first time.

Great customer service, Dan greeted me and asked me what brought me to the shop, I told him a friend referred me to them, he then asked me what problem was I having with my ’77 VW bus, took notes, later in the day He called me to say that my car was ready to rock & roll, I was so happy, since I had taken my bus to different mechanics, with not so good results, Mike found the problem and fixed it. Thank you Guys :0)

Always excellent customer service. Repairs done well with upcoming problems estimated for future consideration. Shop rate very fair.

Peninsula Automotive has been always honest and forthright in servicing my ’79 VW Beetle. They have the knowledge and experience and I would feel confident in referring anyone to them. They have gained my trust over the many years I have had my car serviced there. Thank you Peninsula Automotive!

Professional and friendly. I expected a starter replacement but their expert mechanics diagnosed faulty wiring and the bill was far less than it might have been. Thanks.

Excellent service on my VW accompanied by phone calls with progress reports on the repair work. Completely satisfied with Peninsula Automotive.

Great job – Brakes don’t squeak anymore and they feel more solid.Dave, now that you mentioned it, I’d like to get the steering wheel adjusted. Can I bring it in for a quick adjustment? Thanks, Bob

The guys always take care of my car and know exactly what needs to be done if I have a problem. I won’t take my car anywhere else.

I took my car in to have minor work done on it, but I was going to have a hard time picking it up late in the afternoon. Dave had said when I brought it in that there were several cars ahead of me. He then called me before noon and said it was done. Because it was a minor job and I had to afternoon constraints, then just dug in and got it done. It was a great help to me and I appreciate their effort to accommodate my needs. Great service and friendly personnel. I have dealt with Peninsula Automotive for many years and have always found their service excellent and timely. – Robert Morrey

As always, friendly and responsive service. A pleasure to have my ’03 Eurovan serviced at Peninsula Automotive. I highly recommend them for all of your VW needs and questions.

Always friendly and helpful

All were friendly and professional as usual. I always enjoy joking a bit with David…He’s one of the few people who laugh at my jokes. Expensive this time, but I know the work was diagnosed correctly and done well. Hope I don’t return too soon except socially. Larry and his 89 Westie

These guys are friendly, honest, and kind. They have proven to me that they will go the distance and stand behind their work.

Thank you for fixing my electrical issues on my truck with your help it did get it to pass light cert so I can get it registered . THANK YOU Sincerely Ted Homen

If you have an older VW, I can’t think of a better place to get the care these precious vehicles need.

Peninsula Automotive asked me to bring my car in to have a small part installed that they had not had in stock on my last visit. They charged me only for the part and a quart of oil that I needed. There was no additional charge for labor because it should have been done on the previous service. I was able to call in and immediately go to the shop and have the part installed. I am very pleased with their service. RM

Very satisfied, they diagnosed my cars problem and explained everything to my satisfaction, and only did the work I agreed on.

Great Service

The problem was identified and fixed in one visit.

After missing my scheduled appointment, Peninsula Automotive (PA) fit me in and actually worked hard to complete a rather extensive service so that I could have the car in the afternoon. I have been very pleased with the last several major repair services that I have had PA complete on my old 1971 VW Bus. The work has been done on time and of excellent quality. I recommend them highly.

Great service and store.

I have been buying parts for some time now from peninsula auto but never had our bug in for service. They were thorough and knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly and personal. Even though our 67 beetle is a real project car they handled it like I do. We are planning to bring it back for the rest of the work that needs to be done to restore it. I highly recommend Peninsula Auto.

I was disappointed that after I took the van in to have the antenna repaired, the work was done but the antenna cord was not attached to the radio, and the radio was left hanging out of the dash. The mgr. pushed the radio back in, but it wasn’t connected to the antenna so the radio would not work. After calling in to the shop later, the manager gave me clear instructions on how to reattach the antenna, or else I could bring it in again on Monday and they would take it to be attached. I figured out how to get the radio back out of the dash, and found the old antenna wire still attached to the radio, just cut off. The new wire was close and I was able to insert it then push the radio back into the dash. I feel the job should have been finished and checked before releasing it back to me. The manager did admit that he made a mistake and was cordial. I trust the mechanics to do a good job.
Peninsula Automotive replied:It was nice chatting with you recently. Once again sorry for the confusion…See you soon.Sharon and Dave, Owners

Straight up service, quality work. Great to have a place that can work on Westys.

As always these guys go the extra mile so your VW can too.

The guys are very helpful. They recommend what is necessary and tell me what is not needed as well. I have been very happy with the results each time I have been in to the shop.

Did an excellent job for me. I well be coming back for sure.


My rabbit stops great thank you guys sincerely Ted Homen

Great job on my VW bus! Thanks, Craig

The rating buttons above don’t work. I’d click 5 stars, but the survey software won’t accept it. Excellent service. Maybe you can also fix the survey too? Ha

Great friend VW service!!!!!!

Excellent work. Good advice. Wonderful resource for Westie owners.

I found that everyone at Peninsula Auto is very helpful & friendly, I’ve been with them for over 20 yrs.

I have a 1971 VW Sq Bk – no car I’ve ever owned means as much to me. It’s my first car, drove away from the church in this car when I got married and took both my kids home from the hospital when they were born.I trust Peninsula with my car!

Timely work done takes awhile. Call back to pick up the car was not done right away.

They are always helpful and have done great work over the last few years on both of my (not quite recent model) VW’s.2 years ago

I will send a follow-up email. In particular, I was very happy to be treated with respect even though some of my questions must have seemed almost clueless. Thanks for your friendly and helpful responses.

My 79 vert never ran so good. I’ve known Dave for many many years and would not hesitate to recommend Peninsula Auto.

Very pleased with the work…

Great service for 2010 VW Jetta TDI Sportswomen!Came in with a check engine light that turned out to be an O2 sensor.They thought it should be covered under the emissions warranty. I looked at the warranty book, and thought it wasn’t.They called Sunnyvale VW to ask about warranty coverage before proceeding with reasonably priced repairs.

Good VW shop, guys have lots of knowledge. Prices are kind of high though, and they took twice as long as expected to do their work.

Very helpful. Covered previous parts with warranty without asking

Friendly, honest and quick. My bug throttle cable broke, got it towed over by 4pm, they got if fixed, on my way home by 6pm. Got exact estimate.

Very friendly, honest and quick. I took had my Vw towed over due to a broken throttle cable at 4pm, they jumped right on it ,I was out by 6pm.