Efforts to maintain a high level of fuel efficiency with the lowest possible emission levels resulted in many changes to fuel injection systems in modern vehicles. Traditionally, the process of supplying the engine with fuel relied solely on the carburetor. Inefficiencies led to the adoption of fuel injection in the early 1950’s, with electronic fuel injection becoming more widely used in the 1980’s. Today, all vehicles are equipped with fuel injection systems to ensure quality in the primary fuel delivery systems.

Over time, harmful deposits can build up and potentially clog the fuel injectors, reducing both the level of performance of your vehicle and the miles per gallon. In most cases, poorly performing fuel injectors are the direct result of a lack of vehicle maintenance. Peninsula Automotive’s expert technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional fuel injector repair, replacement, testing and cleaning. Servicing your fuel injectors is an easy decision because it results in better gas mileage, improved vehicle performance, a smoother running engine and cleaner emissions.