2012 volkswagen jetta gli underhoodNormal Maintenance Details 40,000 Mile Service: All Applicable Models


OPERATION                                                             COMPONENT

INSPECT                                                                    AUTOMATIC  SHIFT LOCK

Check operation including park/neutral

position switch.

INSPECT                                                                    AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE FLUID

Check for leaks and fluid level; add

fluid if necessary.

INSPECT                                                                    BATTERY FLUID LEVEL

Check Electrolyte level.

INSPECT                                                                    BRAKE SYSTEM

Check for damage and leaks, thickness

of pads and brake fluid level.

INSPECT                                                                    COOLING SYSTEM

Check level.

INSPECT                                                                    DIFFERENTIAL FLUID

Check for leaks and fluid level; add

fluid if necessary.

INSPECT                                                                    DRIVE BELTS

Ribbed Belt, V-Belt

INSPECT                                                                    DRIVESHAFT BOOTS

INSPECT                                                                    ENGINE

Check for oil/fluid leaks.

INSPECT                                                                    EXHAUST SYSTEM

Check for damage/leaks.

INSPECT                                                                    FRONT AXLE

Check dust seals on ball joints and

tie rod ends; check tie rods.

INSPECT                                                                    HEADLIGHTS

Adjust if necessary.

INSPECT                                                                    MANUAL TRANSAXLE FLUID

Check oil level; add if necessary;

Check for leaks.

INSPECT                                                                    ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS

Check fault memory; purge if necessary

INSPECT                                                                    POWER STEERING FLUID

INSPECT                                                                    TIRES/SPARE TIRE

Check condition and pressure.

INSPECT                                                                    WINDSHIELD WIPER AND


Check fluid level; add if necessary.

LUBRICATE                                                               HINGES & CHECKS

LUBRICATE                                                               REAR SPOILER

LUBRICATE                                                               SUNROOF RAILS

REPLACE                                                                   AIR CLEANER/ELEMENT

REPLACE                                                                   CABIN AIR FILTER

Pollen Filter If equipped.

ROAD-TEST                                                              VEHICLE

Check braking, kickdown, steering,

electrical, heating and ventilation

sytems, air conditioning and power


ROTATE                                                                     TIRES

Rotate front to rear.


Normal Maintenance Details 40,000 Mile Service: 2.0L Engine


OPERATION                                                             COMPONENT

INSPECT                                                                    TIMING BELT

REPLACE                                                                   ENGINE OIL

REPLACE                                                                   ENGINE OIL FILTER

REPLACE                                                                   SPARK PLUGS